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Removable thumb sleeve for gloves

Weston McCall Posted Feb 24 2019, 9:23 PM

Winter is upon us and that means Skiing and Riding! It also means it gets cold. I don't know about you, but sometimes when it gets cold my nose runs. Have you ever had to wipe your nose on your glove? Sure we all do and yeah, it is kind of gross. I've used those gloves that have those soft terry-cloth bits on the thumb. That works for a day, but the next day? Here is my idea:

You take the Blackcomb glove, and you take one of those terry-cloth wristbands that you use for basketball, And then you cut a hole for your thumb so that you can slide the wristband over your hand! Obviously, you will need a wider wristband, but hopefully you get the idea!

Now you have a soft liner that you can take off your glove at the end of the day to wash it! How clever is that? I would call it the SNOT rag. That would stand for: Swipe Nose On Thumb!

How about it We.Retail _ is that a great idea or what?

  • I love it! Can't believe no one does this yet. What about different colors for the 'hand-bands'?
  • Sure, why not have different colors. I like the 'hand-band' too!
  • Great idea Weston. Making it removable makes keeping it clean so much easier
  • I love this. I'm going to move this to Under Review so that We.Retail R&D can take a look. Thanks for the Idea!