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Helmet liner to prevent brain freeze

Ashley Thompson Posted Feb 24 2019, 9:23 PM

Hey We.Retail ! I was wondering what you thought of my suggestion: a helmet liner to cover the space between your forehead and goggles. Do you know what I mean? I have seen those helmets that have a big visor connected, but those always fog up on me. I want to be able to use my own goggles with your Kawartha Snow Helmet but I always get brain freeze.

What if you had a 1-2 inch strip of felt or some other material that can be attached to the inside of the helmet that you could fold down and place your goggles over? That would really help keep you warm on those really cold days. On those warmer days, all you would need to do is fold it up and it is out of the way!

  • I have always had the same problem. I really like that you cold fold it down or up. Nice suggestion!
  • Not something I would use, plus I think it would make your head too hot and sweaty!
  • I'm with your Ashley! Brain freeze is bad!
  • I'm on the fence about this. I think it would make your head too warm!
  • The community seems to be split here. I'd like to keep this open a little longer to see what other comments we can collect before we decide if we want to send this out to R&D.